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Gift Bag Drive.com

Gift Bag Drive.com

As real estate professionals we are fortunate to be able to an intregral part of the community. Helping families realize their dreams, whether is moving in or out of the area, to a larger home or smaller, provides us with great satisfaction. Because we help some many families we are uniquely positioned to be help to share our blessings and hope that our door-to-door efforts will make it that much easier for you to share your blessings as well.

Jeff Campbell, Founder

San Diego native, husband and father of two. For over 29 years, Jeff has worked in the Real Estate field. Helping to house over 500 familes in his career Jeff maintains and enjoys deep ties within the community. Gift Bag Drive is his way of giving back to a community that his given so much to him and his family. Realtor® 

Direct phone: 619-445-3322          Email: 

Norman Bramstedt, Head of Community Giving

As a San Diego resident for nearly 10 years, Norman is a husband and father of two children.  Norman has worked as a Realtor® for 9 years. Norman has volunteered his time and efforts towards community improvement activities, collecting food and clothing for the needy through the Gift Bag Drive since 2006 and raises money for military families. Besides his career, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. His main hobbies include motorcycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing and all things outdoors.   

Direct phone: 619-955-0488          Email: norman@ourhomesandiego.com

Mike White, Volunteer Coordinator

A real estate veteran and Realtor®.  Mikes believes in the good life in San Diego, and as a resident for nearly 40 years and want to share the blessings. Thus he has volunteered with the GiftBagDrive for years. I and enjoy selling Real Estate here and have been involved in the real estate business since 1980. 
Direct phone: 858-271-4327          Email: mailto:norman@sandiegohomebuys.com

Carla Johnson, Donations Coordinator

As a San Diegan, wife and mother of two, Carla believes in giving back. As a Realtor® the  community has been good to Carla, she feels it is important to give back.

Direct phone: 619-339-3880
        Email: Carla@SanDiegoHomeBuys.com
Gregg Picano, Communications Officer

A local Alpine resident. his down to business style makes him very successful in business and charity.  

Direct phone: 619-993-9463
        Email: PicanotheRealtor@gmail.com

Chuck Walker, Mapping Director

Chuck was raised in southern California and joined the military after high school.  After my service he was employed  in the construction business. He is no stranger to hard work and believes in helping others.

Direct phone: 619-922-0841
         Email: chuckwalker34@gmail.com
Perry Wright, Distribution Coordinator 

As a Father, and entrepreneur, he knows how to be a hand holder and how to be a decision maker. He takes exceptional care of her clients and knows the importance of helping others in need.

Direct phone: 619-840-4142
        Email: PerryWright@cox.net
Erika Hernandez, Outreach Manager 

Her traveling experiences has allowed her to blend different ideas to create novel products.  This is allowing her to cultivate international contacts to bring expertise in the field of international real estate.

Direct phone: 619-665-5013
Amber Weeks, Promotion Director

As a wife of 13 years and mother to two pre-teen boys she stays busy and committed. She is a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Foundation and agencies that give back to our veterans and active duty military forces.

Direct phone: 619-592-2100